See Curated Exhibitions > Modernity's End : Half the Sky Two Australians in China

An exhibition by pre-eminent Australian contemporary artist, John Young at Incinerator Art Space.

With invited artists Pei Pei He and Cyrus Tang.
Musical composition by Theodore Wohng.

March 2 - April 3, 2016

A narrative-based exhibition by leading Australian contemporary artist, John Young on the remarkable histories of two Australians in China between 1920-1960. The historical memories of Alice Lim Kee and Daisy Kwok, who rode the sweep of modernity and its abrupt end, are brought together through painting, projection, photography and embroidery. This is the third exhibition that Young has mounted based on the history of the Chinese diaspora in Australia since the 1800s.

Curated for Willoughby Council.

Image: Courtesy of John Young (C)