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Intersections: The Art of Architects was curated for Willoughby Council at Incinerator Art Space.


Aptly curated in the art space of the iconic Walter Burley Griffin and Eric Nicholls designed Willoughby Incinerator, Intersections: The Art of Architects investigates the liminal boundaries of art and architecture. In an era of super architecture looking much like art - think Frank Gehry - and artists influenced by architecture – think Olafur Eliasson amongst many more - both have commonalities exploring structure, material, form and space.

Intersections: The Art of Architects exhibits three trained architects who conduct art practices. They work in ceramics, sculpture, light and site-specific installation. Drawing from their architectural training, their art departs to reveal an unrestrained creativity allowing for chance where architecture does not.

Simon Grimes reclaims timber and metal from demolition sites to give them new life in his sculptural models that straddle art and architecture. Sarah Fitzgerald examines the everyday negotiations we make with places through reimagining plans to distort perception. While, ceramicist Natalie Rosin plays with materiality and form to reimagine renowned museums in miniature and delves further into fantastical cityscapes.

It came as no surprise all three exhibiting artists were individually inspired by the Incinerator’s striking architecture and have each created an artwork in response to its unique design. So it seems a logical progression the two practices will intersect and inform the other and continue to blur the distinction between art and architecture.